Check for Availability

Our rooms may be booked for any time of day. To inquire about availability, please contact the Library Square Conference Centre office at 604-331-3823 or To start your booking:

Apply to the Library Square Conference Centre
Book a room by filling out our online form.

We will contact you within 48 hours to confirm availability or to inform you if the space cannot be booked. Refer to the Booking Process to read about the next steps in reserving your room including the payment schedule and the cancellation policy.

All renters must be familiar with the Policy and Regulations that govern the use of the meeting spaces. Failure to comply with the Policy and Regulations may result in the cancellation of your booking.

Rates Chart

Room Rates Capacities Uses
Alice MacKay $785 /4 hrs
$575 (n-p)
300 chairs Lecture, Banquet, Trade Show
Combined Alma and Peter $340 /4 hrs
$250 (n-p)
130 chairs Lecture, Banquet, Classroom
Alma VanDusen $215 /4 hrs
$160 (n-p)
60 chairs Lecture, Classroom, Meeting
Peter Kaye $215 /4 hrs
$160 (n-p)
60 chairs Lecture, Classroom, Meeting
Morris J Wosk Boardroom $270 /4 hrs
$200 (n-p)
44 chairs Meeting, Classroom, Reception
Board Breakout Room $145 /4 hrs
$110 (n-p)
20 chairs Meeting
Promenade Full Trade Fair $4,100 /day
$3,000 (n-p)
30 tables Trade Show
Promenade North End $2,725 /day
$2,000 (n-p)
20 tables Trade Show, Press Conference
Promenade Information Table $385 /day
$300 (n-p)
1 table Information Booth
Promenade Gala Event Please Inquire 360 seated / 700 reception Gala, Reception

Non-Profit Discount Rate

The non-profit rate is available to registered not-for-profit societies, trade unions, government departments, publicly funded schools and universities. This rate does NOT apply when an admission fee is charged for entry, donations are requested or anything is sold during the event.

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