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What is the VPL Inspiration Lab?

It’s a digital media lab at VPL’s central library downtown: a free place that combines traditional, digital and new media in a custom-built space dedicated to digital creativity, collaboration and storytelling.

It features high-performance computers, analog-to-digital conversion, sound studios, video editing and self-publishing software. And all for free.

What’s in the Inspiration Lab?

VPL’s Inspiration Lab is a place to create and preserve stories – through video, photos, sound and self-publishing. It’s 7,500 square feet in all, and has:

Recording studios (3,000 square feet):

  • Four sound booths with computers, webcams and microphones, including one with dual microphones, an eight-channel audio mixer and monitor
  • An 11-by-16-foot recording studio with available green screen, video camera with dolly, studio microphones and LED video lighting, along with a connected control room with a computer and 18-channel audio mixer.

Creativity and digitization stations (3,000 square feet):

  • 12 high-performance desktop computers with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere (video), Reaper and Audacity (audio), Adobe InDesign and Aspose Word Express (publishing and e-publishing)
  • Analog-to-digital conversion for video and sound: VHS and audio cassette
  • Flatbed scanning stations for photos, negatives or slides.

Collaboration and program spaces (1,500 square feet):

  • Presentation and training area for up to 16 people with a large LCD screen and integrated wireless presentation system
  • Digital display spaces with seating for individuals and small groups.

What sessions do you have in the Inspiration Lab?

There are classes and programs weekly in the Inspiration Lab. See the Events calendar for more details. Over the coming months, we’ll have programs with industry experts on the likes of film, game development and digital design, including week-long boot camps and multi-session workshops.

Learning and discovering is what the lab is all about – and VPL users have full, free access to the lynda.com service, a popular and recognized destination for online courses and video tutorials on design, video, photography, production and more.

We have access to lynda.com from all VPL locations, and Vancouver residents can use the site from anywhere there’s an Internet connection just by using their VPL card.

How do I book space in the lab and how much does it cost?

Our booking system for space in the Inspiration Lab is open, and some of the programs in the lab will require registration. Booking details are online on the booking page. Bookings for the presentation area will be available beginning in June.

VPL’s Inspiration Lab is free.

Were books removed to make space for the Inspiration Lab?

No. We reorganized our main branch last summer to make our materials easier to find and to free up space for the Inspiration Lab. We simply moved our books to different places throughout the building.