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Mattie riding her horse NellieThe digitization of Vancouver Public Library's Special Collections historical photographs collection began in June 2000 with the Leonard Frank Photodigitization Project followed in 2003 with the digitization of Philip Timms' photographs. Mattie Gunterman: Camp Cook and Photographer builds on these projects with the digitization of the Ida Madeline Warner (Mattie) Gunterman Collection. InMagic DB\Textworks and Web Publisher software have been used to facilitate searching and displaying the scanned photographic records on the world wide web. Creation of this rich, new, digital photograph collection will serve to: protect the collection because it will be available electronically thereby reducing the handling of original images and represent the collection by raising researchers' awareness of the historical photograph collection and by heightening awareness of the significance and value of the collection to the wider community.

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Collection Being Digitized

Ida Madeline Warner (Mattie) Gunterman Collection

Women ice skating on "The Pond"The Vancouver Public Library is privileged to have a collection of photographs taken by Mattie Gunterman between 1890 and 1920. These photographs provide a rich contribution to the cultural heritage of the province of British Columbia, as well as a cornerstone upon which the Vancouver Public Library historical photograph collection is built. The majority of Gunterman's photographs were taken around Beaton, in the Arrow Lakes District of British Columbia, but the collection also includes images of other parts of the Pacific Northwest. Most of the photographs were taken during the twenty years that Mattie, her husband Bill, and their son Henry were together as a family and depict the rich experiences that they shared with one another, as well as with friends who played significant roles in their lives.

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Mattie Dressed as a hobo

Navigation Bar: VPL 16730; 1900; Beaton, BC; Photographer: Hattie Needham; Portraits of Mattie

Top Left: VPL 2243; 1905; Beaton, BC; Phographer: Mattie Gunterman; Mattie riding her horse Nellie

Middle Right: VPL 2242; 1904; Lardeau River Valley, BC; Phographer: Mattie Gunterman; Women ice skating on "The Pond"

Bottom Left: VPL 2219; 1900 Beaton, BC; Phographer: Mattie Gunterman; Mattie dressed as a hobo

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