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Online Resources for Genealogy in China

The following list focuses on websites related to or based in China itself. The Documents & Records section of this website provides detailed information on Canadian research and resources. There are also several Mailing Lists and Message Boards for those with an interest in Chinese genealogy.

Connecting families across generations since 1894, The Church of Latter Day saints provides access to the largest collection of free family history, family tree and genealogy records in the world. The Chinese Genealogies, 1239-2010 collection contains almost 9 million digitized records, and more records are being added to FamilySearch all the time. For more detailed information about the various Chinese-related collections, see the FamilySearch Research Wiki.

Jia Pu Mu Lu = Genealogy Catalogue
A searchable Chinese-language database corresponding to the Shanghai Library's collection of Chinese genealogical materials, the largest such collection in the world.

Siyi Genealogy
English-language website devoted to genealogy of Chinese families in the Si Yi (Four Counties) area of Guangdong Province. Provides useful background information on the area, links, a personal genealogical research narrative, and more.

Taishan Families/Clans
Stories and information about three Taishan Clans: Li (Lee), Kuang (Kwong) and Tang (Tong).

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