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Newspapers - Chinese (Victoria)

Hsin Min Kuo Jih Pao see Hsin Min Kuo Pao

Hsin Min Kuo Pao = The New Republic
Alternate title: Sun Min Kob
Chinese-language newspaper published by the Chinese Nationalist League of Canada from May 1911 to June 23, 1984. Began as Hsin Min Kuo Jih Pao, changing its name to Hsin Min Kuo Pao in 1925. The newspaper moved to Vancouver in December 1957.

Locations: British Columbia Archives
  British Columbia Legislative Library
  Library and Archives Canada

The New Republic see Hsin Min Kuo Pao

Sun Min Kok see Hsin Min Kuo Pao

Ta Han Jih Pao
Published in 1910. An organ newspaper of the Chinese Free Masons.

Locations: Unknown

Photo banner: Detail from VPL Historical Photograph 78362