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Civil Registration - Quebec


Civil registration in Quebec began very late, in 1926, and only applied to births when it was first introduced. Marriages were added in 1960, but the Roman Catholic church continued to be the only source of death records. Full civil registration in Quebec began only in 1994.

Prior to civil registration in Quebec, all registration was done by the Roman Catholic church. Each parish sent a copy of its baptism, marriage and death records to the prothonotarial district at the local Palais de Justice. In effect, these records were civil records.

Pre-1900 records are available to the public. Access to post-1900 records (both prothonotarial and civil) records is restricted.

Finding the Records

At the Archives nationales du Quebec

All pre-1900 prothonotarial district records of births, marriages and deaths are held at 9 regional branches of the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Quebec. Contact the Archives for more information.

At the Directeur de l'etat civil

All post-1900 birth, marriage and death records are held by the Directeur de l'etat civil in Quebec City and Montreal. Access to these records is subject to eligibility and approval requirements.


The FamilySearch website includes searchable indexes and digitized images to many Quebec births, baptisms, marriages and deaths.

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