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1891 Census of Canada


The 1891 census was held on April 6, 1891. Important additions to the information collected in the 1881 census included the relationship between individuals in a household and the birthplace of each person's parents.

Personal information about each enumerated individual was recorded under the following column headings in the 1891 federal census returns:

The enumeration of the Chinese population in the City of Victoria - the largest Chinatown in Canada - was very inadequate. All people of Chinese origin were simply recorded "Chinaman". Fortunately, however, a higher standard was applied elsewhere in B.C.

Finding the Records

At the Vancouver Public Library


In addition to Ancestry Library Edition (see above), a large amount of free 1891 Canadian census information is available online. Individuals of Chinese origin have been identified in the following databases:

The following 1891 census databases are limited to specific parts of B.C.:

Photo banner: Detail from VPL Historical Photograph 78362