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New Technology for Check Out & Check In

Vancouver Public Library strives to meet the continuous public demand for Library materials and to deliver programs and services in the most-cost-effective way possible.

Borrowing and returning books, DVDs, CDs and magazines to Vancouver Public Library is getting easier, faster and will be more private with new Checkout terminals.

New technology to check out items has been installed at nine neighbourhood branches and most VPL locations, including the Central Library, will be equipped by the end of 2012. The technology will also allow Library users to check in their materials at some branches.

The adoption of this new technology will not result in staff layoffs. Rather, it allows the Library to reassign staff to expand or initiate other important services. As well, it moves staff away from work that puts them at risk for repetitive strain injuries. Most service improvements will not be determined until the technology is fully implemented.

Benefits of using the new terminals include:

  • Increased privacy because only you see what you check out.
  • Faster check out.
  • In branches where you can check in items yourself, they will be removed from your record immediately meaning you can borrow more books, DVDs, CDs and magazines right away!

Please ask a VPL staff member for assistance if you have any questions about this new technology and how it works.